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5 ways in which AI is revolutionizing online surveys

  Surveys are a great tool for companies to understand their target market better. However, poor data quality is one of biggest challenges these firms face while conducting traditional surveys. Often, the participation might be low or the type of people taking the survey may not be indicative of the desired research subjects, resulting in low-quality data. Survey farms, incentivizing completion, and even fake data can result in skewed results that are unpredictable. Furthermore, participants sometimes simply tell brands what they want to hear making the answers heavily biased. More often than not, it is the structure of the survey – the questions and the options provided as answers by… Read More

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How AI is leading ‘Digital Transformation’ in Market Research

Insights professionals have spent decades perfecting quantitative methods to analyze data – think survey methodologies; from clustering and factor models to predictive Bayesian analysis.

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How will AI Impact E-commerce businesses in the Near Future?

Gone are the days when people were sceptical about e-commerce, when they were wary of making purchases online. Today, e-commerce exceeds $2 trillion in sales across the globe and is expected to make up 16% of all retail sales by 2021 at $4.479 trillion (source – Emarketer).

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5 Ways AI can Help Sales and Marketing Bridge the Gap

    A lot has been said about AI and the potential it holds for us humans – it has been touted as the panacea and also called the harbinger of global Armageddon. While both these possibilities are exaggerated, one thing that is evident is that there are many benefits to AI, one of which is the role it can play in fostering better sales and marketing alignment. Companies with strongly aligned sales and marketing teams enjoy higher win rates (38%) and are better at closing deals (67%) (Forrester). However, aligning these two departments is often easier said than done. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play.

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4 ways Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize/transform lead generation

  Acquiring customers is a very high cost activity for businesses and for most of the companies it requires extensive cold-calling, trial and error, and exploration of multiple channels. Improved lead generation is the primary reason why businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to a survey by the Aberdeen Group. Businesses that implement AI see 59% better close rates for sales, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% higher conversion. 80% of companies believe that AI will change the marketing industry in years to come.

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