Healthcare decides better with NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can play an important role in facilitating the extraction of this data from diverse formats and language styles to a common format. NLP works great in these scenarios because it facilitates the seamless interaction between computers and humans using natural language.

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Satyakam Mohanty

The Patient will see you now

As the pharmaceutical sector becomes increasingly democratized, patients are emerging as key decision makers. Digitally enabled by the entry of non-traditional tech companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google, they are pushing the sector to move beyond the pill and provide personalized care.  Here are some ways in which pharma companies are applying AI and IoT to build digital convergence across the pharmaceutical value chain. Real-time listening and monitoring Majority of the users today use the internet regularly to research health-related topics. However, in addition to finding information, they like to discuss different medications and treatments, as well as giving and receiving advice in online forums and social media platforms.… Read More

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How wearables are (and could be) impacting healthcare

The human body is a wonder in itself—it produces a staggering amount of data 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Today, there are a lot of devices out there that can measure everything from one’s heartbeat to sleep activity, from temperature to physical activity, leading to a meteoric rise in the marketplace for wearables. According to the latest outlook from CCS Insight, nearly 411 million smart wearable devices, worth a staggering $34 billion, will be sold in 2020. While self-monitoring blood glucose meters and blood pressure monitors have been around for a while, wearables with their ability to automatically upload data to a… Read More

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