NLP helping organizations make ‘intelligent’ decisions

A decade ago, we couldn’t have dreamt that someday we would be interacting with machines as though they were human. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is changing the way humans interact with machines owing to huge advances in machine learning. NLP tools such as Siri, Google assistant, Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Bixby have shown us that machines can hold a reasonably intelligent conversation with humans. NLP techniques enable machines to detect and identify patterns in human languages in order to carry out tasks such as speech recognition and sentiment analysis. Why is NLP Important? Through NLP, non-programmers are able to obtain useful information from computing systems. From an enterprise’s perspective, NLP… Read More

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Satyakam Mohanty, Lymbyc

5 ways in which AI is revolutionizing online surveys

  Surveys are a great tool for companies to understand their target market better. However, poor data quality is one of biggest challenges these firms face while conducting traditional surveys. Often, the participation might be low or the type of people taking the survey may not be indicative of the desired research subjects, resulting in low-quality data. Survey farms, incentivizing completion, and even fake data can result in skewed results that are unpredictable. Furthermore, participants sometimes simply tell brands what they want to hear making the answers heavily biased. More often than not, it is the structure of the survey – the questions and the options provided as answers by… Read More

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Satyakam mohanty, lymbyc

Growing need of merging market research data with behavioral data

  The wealth and sheer volume of data available to organizations has grown exponentially over the last few years. Organizations can tap into various sources like: CRM, digital platforms, social media, POS, IoT to gather data. Capturing behavior is now more possible than ever, however understanding and acting on this data becomes increasingly more complex. The big question is how can research companies best use this data to help organizations with future strategy and decision making? Market research & behavioral data are two sides of the same coin – they need to work together to gain a 360-degree view of the market: Market Research data can help in studying the… Read More

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How AI is leading ‘Digital Transformation’ in Market Research

Insights professionals have spent decades perfecting quantitative methods to analyze data – think survey methodologies; from clustering and factor models to predictive Bayesian analysis.

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Satyakam mohanty, Lymbyc, AI,

How will AI Impact E-commerce businesses in the Near Future?

Gone are the days when people were sceptical about e-commerce, when they were wary of making purchases online. Today, e-commerce exceeds $2 trillion in sales across the globe and is expected to make up 16% of all retail sales by 2021 at $4.479 trillion (source – Emarketer).

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How marketers can use AI to boost personalization in digital marketing

  AI has increasingly evolved over the recent years, with tools even managing to pass the famed Turing test – a test devised to measure intelligence in machines by the English mathematician Allen Turing. Today, AI tools are getting increasingly human-like and help marketers deliver a more personalized experience.

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