Satyakam mohanty

Predictive Analytics: Opening new data horizons for the CPG Industry

The CPG industry has undergone some sweeping changes over the last few decades. Globalization, coupled with the free flow of information via the Internet, has brought in both opportunities as well as greater competition. For CPG companies today, the world is their market. Yet, they need to work that much harder to sell their products and predict sales cycles. The new reality has created several challenges related to the supply chain, demand forecasting, and inventory management. Given the immense diversity of users, markets, and channels, the CPG industry needs to grapple with huge volumes of data and contend with products that have a relatively shorter shelf life. Traditional analytics processes… Read More

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Healthcare decides better with NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can play an important role in facilitating the extraction of this data from diverse formats and language styles to a common format. NLP works great in these scenarios because it facilitates the seamless interaction between computers and humans using natural language.

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