Agile, efficient and affordable: AI powered market research is here to stay

  Anyone who has ever bought a market research report knows how expensive it is. Subscription to the likes of a Gartner, Forrester, McKinsey or Nielsen costs companies tens of thousands of dollars.  And surprisingly for the price companies pay, the data is used disposably, meaning once used it is archived or forgotten and everyone moves on to the next study – and the cycle repeats again. While this worked earlier, today the demands of consumers coupled with the explosion in information and technology is forcing companies to look at insights that are more agile. Making insights and market research companies realize that they need to innovate, add agility and… Read More

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Team Lymbyc

Pressing For Progress @Lymbyc

Going by the latest world economy report (2017), we are about 200 years away from closing the gender gap! Gender equality is an important achievement that has strong implications on how economies and societies advance. Mobilizing half of the world’s total talent pool and successfully harnessing it will have a huge impact on the growth, competitiveness and future-readiness of economies and organizations across the globe. While we know that gender equality won’t happen overnight, the good news is there is strong global movement of advocacy, activism and support – like #MeToo and #TimesUp movements and more – that is having a positive impact on women world over. Women across the… Read More

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How AI is leading ‘Digital Transformation’ in Market Research

Insights professionals have spent decades perfecting quantitative methods to analyze data – think survey methodologies; from clustering and factor models to predictive Bayesian analysis.

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